Sunday, May 23, 2010

Para-Tan Sound Healing Teacher Training

Para-Tan Sound Healing Teacher Training

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  1. Tried of being on medication, find a new way of life free from medication.
    Para-Tan Sound Healing cum The living Goddess programs are designed to give you an overview understanding of your Inner Divinity and your soul purpose, and provide you with skills to be able to do sound healing on yourself and on others.

    The overall program is divided into five areas:
    1. Awaken the Nadi’s within {the nadis the channel for Nada (sound)}
    2. Inner Awareness. Use Sound to awaken of your inner being.
    3. Train your voice to become a Healing instrument
    4. Tapping into your inner voice and Spirituality
    5. Shri Param Eswaran will visit your local area to helping you to gain practical experience as part of an academic course, plus help create a practice that you can further develop. (You will have to host him during the period he is with you)