Monday, June 14, 2010

Testimonial from Para-Tan students in New York

Testimonial from Para-Tan students in New York

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  1. 'I had the great (but all too brief) honor of witnessing, and then receiving a sound healing from Shri Param Eswaran during his recent visit to New York. The healing enabled me to connect to my own body, and particularly my womb (yoni), in a way that I can not consciously remember experiencing as a grown woman. Shri Param's loving, yet forthright manner of transmitting knowledge and wisdom, helped me to re-member aspects of myself that were either lost and forgotten, or purposely shut down because they held painful memories of past experiences I would rather forget.

    To meet a man who has such respect for women and who has committed his life to healing the feminine through worship of the yoni, was a powerful and life changing experience. I witnessed and experienced how Shri Param creates a safe environment for women to accept all aspects of themselves, and thus face (and start to heal) any fears, blocks, anger, or rejection of their own bodies as well as their innate power as women. In my experience, the Para-Tan sound healing loosens and frees up the energy and emotion repressed within the body and the cells, and has enabled me to start accepting all of myself, even those parts which I have thus far rejected.

    Shri Param is the kind of person you just love to spend time with. Being in his presence is a gift, and he is the most down to earth and grounded master you could possibly imagine. you can't help but feel the love and happiness his being emits and his beautiful energy makes you just want to learn more about the amazing work he does.
    Yolanda French