Monday, March 14, 2011

souls_journey.html from - StumbleUpon

souls_journey.html from - StumbleUpon

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  1. Each soul is like a ray of the sun. Its work is to project itself, to go forth as far as it can. It is creative and responsive. It creates its means, its expression, and it is impressed by whatever comes before it, in proportion to its interest in that. The soul goes always to what appears to it as beautiful and radiant, and so it goes on and on, and finds different qualities and different experiences and collects them round it, until at last it returns to its mother’s womb.

    A child may or may not inherit the qualities and defects of its parents. If the impressions previously received by the soul are stronger, it does not inherit them. Very wicked parents may have very saintly child, and very good parents may have a very bad child.

    The mental attributes of the parents are inherited by impression on the mental plane. The child as a quality inherits the thoughts, the feeling of the parents. Parents in being overly enthusiastic in molding a child to what is considered proper, will end up suppressing the expression of the child, thus preventing the child from taping into it soul’s need, may end up having to work very hard to re-establish it rightful place toward its journey home. All humans have the choice to live a life of trappings or to regain his or her rightful place in this beautiful universe of ours. The first step is detachment