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Tantra Workshops 2010

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All funds raised during the workshops will go towards the Mahavidya Girl's School building fund.

Indian Tantric Master, Sir Param Eswaran sees India as the future of Inter Faith Tantra. A Tantric Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Healer, body worker, and vegetarian cooking teacher, for the past 30 years has share his teaching in Malaysia, Australia, and India and the last 3 years in The Netherlands and Italyhe has spent all of his life in spiritual discipline. In the past few years has been guided by Mother Kali to share the teaching of Para-Tan Lovemaking worship with the world. Now we are setting up a center in Malaysia.
A new Groundbreaking way of healing the self while enjoying Contemplative Lovemaking.
Love is like the fire; it glow is devotion, its flame is wisdom, its smoke is attachment, and its ashes detachment. When love’s fire produces its flame it illuminates the soul". (Hazrat Inyat Kahn)
The alchemy of Lovemaking involves a deep knowledge of one's own sexuality, a total control over the sexual energy and the existence of pure and unconditional love.

Lord Krishna influence on love and healing sound

The Alchemy & Ritual of Lovemaking:
Tantric Sensual Massage for couples

Each of us consists of an inner male & female. The Great Work of balancing and merging these aspects of our being is enhanced when shared with a loving partner who is mutually focused on progressing along in this spiritual journey. The term Mithuna is an ancient Sanskrit word which means “the pair body” or “two in one”. The energetic dance of Shakti, (the feminine, lunar principle) with Shiva, (the masculine, solar principle) is an internal interaction with divinity, which is ideally mirrored in our relationship with our beloved. This is not about sex but the cosmic exchange and love affair between complementary opposites.

Expand upon your capacity to feel and share love with the Tool of Tantric Sensual Rejuvenation Massage. This gentle and powerful art form consists of a compilation of healing wisdom from Mantra Yoga, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra.

Yoni Healing & The Holy Grail for women - Emotional Healing at the cellular level

From the Yoni we are all born and to the Yoni we each return upon the death of our body. The Yoni is the Holy Grail which creates and contains the power of the Universe. As Living Embodiments of this divine power, women must remember, redefine, renew, reclaim and activate their Yoni power. This workshop is specially designed for women: Do you truly desire change in your life? Are you interested in invoking the Sovereign Goddess within? Are you passionate enough to learn how to embody the qualities of the Divine Mother and be worshipped as Her Living Embodiment? If you answered yes to these questions, this workshop is for you. Yoni worship is the most highly auspicious and divine puja (sacred ritual) of all pujas. Join us in this introductory two day workshop and gain tools to find, cleanse, heal, activate, and maintain the divine powers of your Yoni, the Holy Grail.

Para-Tan: The Sound of the Universe

Join the Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition, Kali devotee Shri Param Eswaran in Para-Tan-Sound-Healing-Circles at one of the following locations during his spring 2008 tour to teach the above mentioned workshops:



With Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition
Shri Param Eswaran from Mahavidya Temple in South India


July 2010 Shri Param will set up a Mahavidya Temple and Educational center in Seremban Malaysia, where Para-Tan teacher's training will be conducted. This center will be more suitable to the taste of Shri Param's western students.

The replication of damaged DNA before cell division can lead to the incorporation of wrong bases opposite damaged ones. Daughter cells that inherit these wrong bases carry mutations from which the original DNA sequence is unrecoverable (except in the rare case of a back mutation, for example, through gene conversion).

Para-Tan Sound healing can prevent the replication of damaged DNA before cell division, this producing healthy cells, and healthy living

New Jersey

Sound Healing Intensive
9th 10th and 11th of April 2010
$354 per person

San Francisco
The Living Goddess Tradition Workshop for women
April 23,24, and 25

Alexandria, Virginia
Yoni Healing - Emotional Healing at the cellular level & Energizing the Holy Grail for women
April 30th to 2nd May

sound healing map for healing the womb$354 per person

Click the link for more information on Yoni Healing with Shri Param Eswaran

The Alchemy of love + sensual massage
May 7th to 9th
$354 per person

Click Link for more information Para-Tan Meditative Lovemaking

and Tantric Sensual Rejuvenation

Maine - New England7 days Healing Intensive
Monday the 17th to Sunday the 23rd of May 2010

For more detail on the intensive please click here
The nature of Para-Tan is to awaken and activate the Divine Feminine within, whose primary qualities are: LOVE, GRACE, and COMPASSION. The nature of love is expansive, giving, and sharing, therefore the more love we give, the more we benefit. As a living embodiment of the Mother’s Divine Love, Shri Param teaches that each of us are divine artists. We use others as canvases to express our love, not waiting around to receive thanks or appreciation

Para-Tan Sound Healing

Para-Tan Sound Healing offer all and easy yet powerful emotional freedom techniques using the frequency of once own vocal overtone to either heal or to discover one own spirit.
The human body is a Resonator which responds to bija mantra frequency.
Para-Tan Sound Healing offer all and easy yet powerful emotional freedom techniques using the frequency of once own vocal overtone to either heal oneself or once love one. Para-Tan offers you a remarkable new potential for healing both emotional trauma and physical symptoms. It fosters a vibrant connection between mind, body and spirit, and contributes to peak physical vitality. As sound and vibration, give birth to form. Our physical body is formed by the vibration of sound, when our sound is disturbed by emotional trauma, then we stop functioning at our peak physical vitality, allowing our body to be sick.
Para-Tan Sound allows you to connect with you inner sacred space deep within, thus allowing you to be more in touch with your soul. Often our disturbed mind prevents us from being in touch with ourselves, which is our Soul. We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses that we use during Para-Tan Sound Healing session. When listening to this Audio-video, to enjoy the maximum benefit please use a good headphone. This is only a recording, when your receive sound healing personally, it is much, much more powerful.
Utilizing the Power of Sanskrit bija sounds as employed by ancient Tantric Masters. Mother Kali’s blessing and gift to our Master Shri Param Eswaran: 7 30 pm to 10.45pm each Tuesday to Thursday , in every city that Shri Param visits

New Jersey
9th to 17th of April
New York
20th to 31st of May

San Francisco
2th to 25th of April
Alexandria, Virginia
30th April to 10th May

We use Vedic astrology during all the workshops to understand your inner impulses and nature, thus being able to serve your needs as efficient as possible. On registering please send us your date, time and place of birth.

12 participant per program, so apply soon.



Italian website

Lord Krishna showed the world the power of love and soundCouples workshop: Lingam(Shiva)and Yoni Worship(Sakthi)
Ideal for  those who want to practice Maithuna

9th to 11th July Sicily

1140 per couple. Opened to only three couples who have previously attended Shri Param's teachings

392 per couple who would like to attend this special ritual.

After a very successful series of workshops in Italy we are offering just special for couple  Lingam and Yoni Worship. The couple will be worships as done performed in Tantric Temples in India.
432 Euro per person

Alchemy of love+ sensual massage Tuscany
June 4th to 6th for couples and paired single
354 Euro per person
Click Link for more information Para-Tan Meditative Lovemaking

Click Link for more information Tantric Sensual Rejuvenation Massage

Yoni Healing - Emotional Healing at the cellular level & Energizing the Holy Grail for women in Milan

June 11th to 13th (Max 12 participants)
354 Euro per person
Click Link for more information Yoni Tantra Healing br>

7 days Healing Intensive
21-27 June 2010 in Tuscany
Euro 770 per person, Early Bird if paid in full by April 21st Euro 678
Click Link HERE for more information Healing Intensive with Shri Param Eswaran

July Workshops in Italy

Yoni healing and Worship Milan

2 to 4 of July Rome
354 Euro per person
Yoni and Lingam Worship ( Maithuna Lovemaking ritual)
9th to 11th July Sicily
1140 per couple. Opened to only three couples who have previously attended Shri Param's teachings
392 per couple who would like to attend this special ritual.
For advance training one can enroll in one of our intensives offered in India and Malaysia.

Australia Tour 2010
Byron Bay

Yoni Healing - Emotional Healing at the cellular level Energizing the Holy Grail for women

6th to 8th August (limited to 10 participants)

$540 per person Early Bird: $ 472 when paid in full by March 12th

Click the link for more information Yoni
Healing with Shri Param Eswaran

Yoni Worship; Balance and empower the Divine Feminine for women

13 to 15 August

$540 per person (limited to 6 participants)

Click the link for more information Yoni Worship

7 days Healing Intensive, Emotional Healing at the cellular level

19 to 25 of August

1080 per person Early Bird: $ 972 when paid in full by March 12th

Click the link for more information.  Healing Intensive

The replication of damaged DNA before cell division can lead to the incorporation of wrong bases opposite damaged ones. Daughter cells that inherit these wrong bases carry mutations from which the original DNA sequence is unrecoverable (except in the rare case of a back mutation, for example, through gene conversion).

Para-Tan Sound healing can prevent the replication of damaged DNA before cell division, this producing healthy cells, and healthy living

Before we can take the journey to discover Maithuna, both men and women must
first understand the role of women within the contacts of this subject.

To experience the joy of love one needs to heal one’s past memories of Trauma
experienced in general living and in relationships. At our center in India and
Malaysia, not only will we help heal your past emotional, we will also share with you the art of delicacy, and the dance of love. Here we are not talking about sex, but sensual love. To awaken the sexual power within, the sensual self must be first
invoked, or else sex will feel like masturbating with the self, never totally rewarding.

During the Maithuna program one explores all matters sensual, from setting the mood to explicit instruction on technique. The aim of the workshop is to share instructions for intimate relationship with the self, and one’s partner.

What are the benefits of becoming a Para-Tan Healer?

Your spiritual growth will be accelerated and you will see how your life can be under your conscious control, filled with Love and Joy. Thus you can help spread Love and Intimacy throughout the world.

Para-Tan sound healing a part of Tantra, used by Tantrika to attain emotional freedom, regain self-esteem, eliminate issues of grief and anger, and prevent themselves from becoming victims of prostate cancer for men, breast cancer and ovarian cancer for women, chronic fatigue, depression, menstrual disorder, anxiety, sexual blocks and other emotionally related illness

Pre-Registration and deposit are required. Please contact us for application deadlines, dates, and any related questions. Phone (India): 91 9345204264 (between September 23rd to 21st December) all other times Malaysia Mobile phone 0061 0146375067

Space limited to 12 participants, and to avoid disappointment
register today by clicking here

See our link below for detail information on what is offered during workshops:

Alchemy Lovemaking
Yoni Healing and empowering The Holy Grail for women  |  What is covered in the workshops?  | Research materials  |  How the circle works?  |  Intensive in India  |  Testimonial

Contact list for specific locations

Monica Fontana: Italy:  Workshops

Davide Cane: Italy: Sound healing, Satsung and workshop

Master the use of Cosmic Laws - Understand how to work them for manifestation and other interactions with the Universe.

Jyotish Astrology readings - Energize or neutralize, and revitalize your personal planetary aspects through sacred, ancient exercises to transform the way you see yourself. Bring your birth information for a personal evaluation. (Send in your birth date / place of birth / time of birth at least 7 days before the scheduled workshop)

S acred Mantras - Sacred chants to transform your planetary aspects. "Without mantras there is no Tantra.For more information on Astrological Meditation.

What is Divine Love- How to bring higher love and passion into your life from within, and your relationships.

What the press had to say

Sri Param the man, cook, cooking teacher, Yoga guru, philosopher, mystic…………….flirtatiously keeps his hippie nirvana in order…but this ain’t no counter-culture rip off!

Leo Schofield, The Sydney Morning Herald" Australia

What Shri Param Eswaran's students have to say about him

Firstly, I must express my gratitude to this courageous, generous and truly loving man. A Divine Mother devotee; Shri Param Eswaran is offering a much needed gift to the world, as the Father of Para-Tan. As a long-term participant practitioner in women's mysteries, holistic healing, Tantra circles, Taoist sexual alchemy and Shamanic sacred sexuality; I thoroughly appreciate the refined methods of Para-Tan, which have brought a profound simplicity to my life. My recurring migraine headaches have been alleviated, my experience of devotional ecstasy has been increased, my awareness of living deeper than my culture supports has expanded and my surrender into an embodiment of Real Love has catalyzed deep changes in my
relationships. I feel the potency of Para-Tan is from its traditional grounding and truly holistic approach to sexuality...and so much more. Its pure and simple focus on Devotional Love is much needed in Australia and the effects are far-reaching. I am very happy to promote the work of Para-Tan in my community and intend to continue sharing its benefits at my centre.

- Sri Devashi Melbourne Australia

Sri Param's work speaks to the heart. He uses his intuition, bodywork and Spiritual experience to gently reveal each person’s possibilities for growth and joy. He challenges complacent acceptance of limitations by asking you to listen deeply to your needs and then teaching you how to start meeting them...all with a playful and loving manner
Davide Cane, Businessman - Italy

When I first meet Sri Param, I was heavily addicted to anti-depressants and was suffering from several other drug problems. In just six weeks I have overcome all of these problems and have finally found meaning and purpose in my life. I now feel happier and more alive than I ever have.

Damian, 19 Student

Since meeting and working with Sri Param, my life has changed. I found a new motivation for enjoying life, socially and professionally. Sri Param is always available at the grass root level. He has opened my inner-smile

Dr Antoine Durandet,(Anandaswami) Research Scientist

I went to Sri Param's introductory workshop not really knowing what to expect, but was prepared to remain open to what I perceived might be an unusual but beneficial experience. It turned out to be one of the most powerful synergistic healings I have ever participated in, both for me as an individual and for the group as a collective. After leading us in an honoring of the Goddess/God in over selves and each other, Sri Param's caring and calm voice led us through a series of mantras designed to cleanse the chakras and allow us to release our negativity: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I was amazingly centered, aware and self-accepting at the conclusion of the evening. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in future workshops with Sri Param
Lynette Hopkins, M.S.W., Ph.D. Shamanic Medicine Teacher from Los Angeles

Laughing your life back to Happiness

Stress Free Living

A simple system to balance and rectify the energy flow of the body in all aspects of its expression.

Temple of Divine Love
| Europe

Tantric Goddess

Women's Network |
Tantra Goddess Network |
IFC Mahavidya

Tantra Workshop in Italy, United States, Australia and Malaysia

Tantra - Para-Tan Sound Healing Intensive

Para-Tan Bija Sadhana uses Nada (sound) to activate all the Nadis. After a few sessions the Nadis gets activated and the following changes can be seen.

•Glow in the face

• The Aura of the person becomes strong like a magnet to attract others

• Become more in touch with your Soul purpose

• The person become devoid of sickness except the ones he or she takes on.

• Help to keep the person always in a spiritual realm while still living in the world

The body becomes relaxed and becomes fully revitalized.

In the Long term
* The more you use the Bija sound, you will experience weight lost, restore your skin to its original beauty, and you will experience a lightness of body.

*Your vitality will improve thus improving your fitness

Para-Tan Bija Sadhana will boost your energy thus making you more relaxed.

* The muscles and spine will become free from tension.

* Para-Tan Bija Sadhana circle is a group meditation when you will experience deeper connection with other thus freeing you for aloneness and loneliness.

* Practicing Para-Tan Bija Sadhana with your friends and family and you can get rid of your tensions and misunderstandings, thus broaden your friendships.

* Hugging each other cures you and fills you with love.

Para-Tan Sound healing can be compared to an electric light dimmer, which, with each turn of the dial, gradually release more power and so increases the light, so does the sounding, increases the energy within with each sounding. With Para-Tan, one does not have to spend long periods of meditation or lots of complicated practices, just being able to receive, is what is needed

Come to Malaysia or India for 15 days, and we guarantee that you will feel inner bliss, a state of enlightenment, stay for a year, your whole life will surely change, by sustaining the enlighten state, this is a guarantee. Only come if you are ready to transform you life, for which you must leave your ego behind.

Each intensive differs depending upon the needs and characteristics of the individuals in attendance. During each intensive the sacred and ancient mantras of the Dasha Mahavidyas and the planets are taught. Our Master also initiates you into the secrets of the all powerful Sri Yanta or The Meru ritual.

He also utilizes the wisdom of Vedic Astrology to determine your karmic journey based on your birth chart. This will indicate what your lessons for this lifetime are and how these Teachings may help you along in your journey.


Bringing the Goddess Back to Life.

Revitalize you womb this offering yourself an opportunity to become a full women

1. Remove tension in the womb, thus becoming free from Menstrual discomfort or pain.  (Most women experience the change within a few week.)

2. Repair damaged DNA and thus freeing the womb from every getting cancer.

3. Revitalize the womb so that you can become pregnant naturally.

4. Remove blockages in the the fallopian tubes.

5. For women who have had many lovers within a short time, remove memories of past lover that becomes lodges in the womb.

Worshiping the Holy Grail & The Magic Wand
The Yoni is much more than a composite of the womb, ovaries, and vagina. It is the seat of divine power and presence, and receptive vessel of the dynamic force of the universe. When the Yoni is cleared from emotional traumas and cellular memories, the divine powers of the universe, SHAKTI flow forth like an eternal spring bubbling forth from the Holy Grail. Shri Param uses the power of Para-Tan-Sound-Healing to break up cellular memories, clearing and activating the nadi system for increased health, happiness, pleasure, and relaxation. In combination with the Ancient Teachings which inform the Tradition of the Living Goddess, Shri Param lovingly parts the veil of illusion around women’s power and lets men and women alike feel the bliss of the Divine Mother within.

The Yoni is the receptive vessel which holds the divine energies of the Universe. In the body the Yoni is located within the first and second chakras and is directly expressed by the state of health in all of the reproductive organs. The organs of the second/Yoni chakra and the fourth/heart chakra are where emotions are expressed, received, and stored. It is within the second chakra that fearful and traumatic emotions are stored. This is true both for men and women. The difference is that women have a complicated emotional network which is not naturally occurring in men, and are thus more affected by emotions then men. Dealing with her own emotions is a challenge in and of itself. However, women, especially in the west have a much more serious challenge because we have to overcome the emotions, hormones, and chemicals concentrated in the Lingam energy and planted in our Yoni by the men with whom we have had sex.

For men, the process is simple. Men’s second chakra is less affected by the women with whom they have sex but it is affected none the less. Women are intensely affected by the men with whom they engage in intercourse. Remember, the Yoni is a receptive vessel which works along a continuous spectrum between polarized extremes. Every emotional experience which elicits negative emotions is stored in the yoni. Men pollute their second chakra and the related organs by eating meat which contains the hormones of fear, caused by the atrocious and cruel practices of abattoirs where animals are sent to be butchered. Today the added chemicals and pesticides in the animal's food, and hormone injections into the animals themselves become additional poisons to the molecules of terror present in inhumanely butchered animals. The fear and chemicals attached to the hormones become lodged in the cell receptor sites of the second chakra organs. The other way the Yoni is affected is by the seeds of discontent planted by emotional entanglement with sexual partners who are not compatible. This is also true for both men and women although less so for men and more so for women.

As the divine embodiment of the Yoni: The Holy Grail, women are receptive vessels. Each Lingam the woman receives into her Yoni: Throne-room, plants a seed which stays in the Yoni for up to seven years. This is not the physical drop of semen, but an energetic seed which takes root regardless of how long the Lingam is in the Yoni or whether or not a condom is used. The Yoni is the Holy Grail which is meant to be stirred only by the most compatible and high vibrational Magic Wand for the purpose of joining the inner Shiva and Shakti within both individuals so this balanced energy will allow Mother Kundalini to rise up the central channel and dance in divine union with Lord Shiva. Reaching this point is the singular goal of each soul. Whether the journey takes a hundred lifetimes or ten thousand lifetimes depends on how we manage our free will and ego, applying it to serve the benefit of the whole or selfishly serving our ego needs and wants. We may begin to take this journey consciously now, in this lifetime, and begin to burn our karma or continue living according to popular culture in a materialistic society, accumulating more karmic debt.

The problem of western conditioning, based upon the biblical tenet that women are the root of all evil and the cause of suffering is that it has completely warped both men and women’s understanding of their divine roles. True women are mothers and naturally fill the needs and nurture their families and environment. Thousands of years of misogynist conditioning has programmed women into such a disempowered state that generation after generation of children have been born never having received the love and nurturing every soul needs. The incredibly important role that women play must be emphasized and correctly understood. When a woman is in her power she keeps the entire Universe in order because she is the one that nurtures the next generation.

The art of performing the highly esteemed, enigmatic and praised ritual which renders all other rituals unnecessary will be revealed Yoni Puja:

Yoni puja is worship par excellence and by omitting it every other puja is rendered useless. For this present Yuga the part of Sakthi's body worshiped is the Yoni. thus, Devi is worshiped only with regards to her Yoni.

In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect, and that, which will empower all men. To receive her powers, men must learn to worship her with love and reverence

The worshipper has to engage in one-pointed meditation on, or visualization of the adored representation of the Goddess. A religious practice that is still very much alive in present-day India, a Yoni Puja is non-intrusive yet intimate manner of religious worship; a ritual that goes back thousands of years, yet one that is still practiced today.

There are Inner and Outer Pujas, and each of these can occur in either an ordinary or a secret form. Inner, in this context, refers to the fact that the practice is being done by way of visualization. Outer, is visible ritual of one or more persons before an object or by worshipping the yoni in her living form -with the help of a woman.. The latter type of Yoni Puja is often performed in mixed groups, although sometimes only women or only men may be attending.

By worshipping the yoni one certainly worships The Mahavidya and Sakthi Maa. Devi is at the base of the yoni and Naganandini is in the yoni. Kali and Tara are in the yoni chakra and Chinnamasta in the hair. Bagalamukhi and Matangi are on the rim of the yoni. Mahalaksmi, Shodashi and Bhuvanesvari are within the yoni.

The five element are present in every substance in different proportions and in gross terms Prithvi (Earth), Apa (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Akasha (ether). All the factors of diseases, the method of treatment of the diseases can be effectively found from. During Yoni Puja this elements are brought to balance.

The combination of Yoni healing and Puja will free you from all forms of menstrual discomfort. The number of sessions will depend of the persons receptivity and the amount of trauma experienced by the Yoni, trauma can be self inflicted or by others.

What is DNA

DNA is the chemical found in the nucleus of cells that makes up chromosomes. It is important to all cells, and to all organisms, because:

1. it is responsible for passing genetic information to new cells during the process of cell division,

2. it is responsible for passing genetic information from one generation to the next during reproduction, and

3. it provides the instructions for building proteins, which in turn carry out the major functions of a cell.

In short, an organism (be it an amoeba or a human being) could do nothing without

DNA. It could not carry out its normal functions, could not replace worn-out cells, and could not reproduce.

Single strand and double strand DNA damage.

The latest scientific findings suggest that negative emotion can result in
DNA damage. Sound can repair damaged DNA strands. With past experience Para-Tan sound healing has proven to be effective in repairing damaged DNA thus help to regulate cell division.

Unregulated cell division can lead to the formation of a tumor, which is potentially lethal to an organism.

Other sources of damage

DNA damage can be subdivided into two main types:

1. endogenous damage such as attack by reactive oxygen species produced from
normal metabolic byproducts (spontaneous mutation), especially the process of oxidative deamination

1. also includes replication errors

2. exogenous damage caused by external agents such as

1. ultraviolet [UV 200-300nm] radiation from the sun

2. other radiation frequencies, including x-rays and gamma rays

3. hydrolysis or thermal disruption

4. certain plant toxins

5. human-made mutagenic chemicals, especially aromatic compounds that act as DNA intercalating agents

6. cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy

7. viruses

The replication of damaged DNA before cell division can lead to the incorporation of wrong bases opposite damaged ones. Daughter cells that inherit these wrong bases carry mutations from which the original DNA sequence is unrecoverable (except in the rare case of a back mutation, for example, through gene conversion).

Para-Tan Sound healing can prevent the replication of damaged DNA before cell division, this producing healthy cells, and healthy living

Para-Tan Alchemy of Lovemaking Ritual

Shiva & Shakti in Relationship:

The Art of Sharing Love.

When women are in their power, everyone in the world benefits. The entire universe is a dance between polarities, deified as Shiva and Shakti. To live a happy and healthy existence we must learn how to bring love and enjoyment into the dance we call relationships. Men must learn to nurture women so women may reclaim and maintain their divine powers. Women must redefine their expression of power to salvage the future of the Next Generation.

Tantric Sensual Massage

Shri Param will initiate participants into the Art of Tantric-Sensual-Healing-Massage for the purpose of sharing gentle love by nurturing and healing each other with an approach that build intimacy, trust, and confidence between partners. For this purpose it is important to have an equal number of women and men.

Each intensive differs depending upon the needs and characteristics of the individuals in attendance. During each intensive the sacred and ancient mantras of the Dasha Mahavidyas and the planets are taught.. Our Master also initiates you into the secrets of the all powerful Sri Yanta or The Meru ritual.

Honorary awards suitable for light-workers in just attending 2 intensive

To-day millions of people around the world practice Tantra of one kind or another. Often what they practice barely resembles traditional Tantra, as it has been pursued over five millennia in India. There for there is a real need for sincere voices like that of Sri Param Eswaran, who stands for authentic Tantra, which is always concerned with the great ideal of profound personal transformation and liberation. Sri Param, represents the tradition of Tantra, which was first taught by the Himalayan Great Maha Guru Lord Shiva and has been handed down through several teaching lineages.

Release of Personal Traumatic Memories.

Para-Tan sessions will help remove cells that are infected with Traumatic Memories, thus free you from depression, anxiety, sexual blocks, self-esteem, issues of grief and anger, and all physical illnesses, manifested or yet to

The release of stress-related hormones via infected cells of the organs, signaled by the brain's emotional computer, the amygdala, probably accounts for some of the extraordinary power and persistence that characterize many highly emotional or traumatic experiences. Just like our more mundane memories, recollections of emotional traumas are constructions, not literal recordings in the brains, but persist in the cells, but rather weak. The amygdala works cooperatively with many other mind structures in order to assemble emotional memories. Emotional memories are generally stored in the cells of different organs, dependent on the type of emotion.

The primary cause of suffering is ignorance, and it brings about others. Absence of Self-awareness causes lot of confusion, for it hides our inner awareness and creates a false identity. Para-tan Sound healing help to open our inner awareness.

By Sri Devanayagi